[ZRUŠENO] Eastern Spring School 2020

Vzhledem k současné epidemiologické situaci jsme bohužel nuceni letošní jarní školu ZRUŠIT. Bude se konat příští rok, ve stejný termín, na stejném místě 🙂 Děkujeme za pochopení.

Considering the current epidemiological situation we will unfortunately be CANCELLING this year’s spring school. It will, instead, take place next year, same time, same place 🙂 Thank you for your understanding.

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to anounce the upcoming annual Eastern Spring School focused on primary immunodefciencies. It will be held from 22nd April to 25th April 2020 in the historic town of Kutna Hora, located in the beautiful central part of the Czech Republic (approx. 85km from Prague).

We are thrilled to welcome excellent speakers, such as Jean Laurent Casanova, Fabian Hauck, Tomas Kalina or Tomas Freiberger, who will cover the broad field of primary immunodeficiencies from diagnostics to treatment.

We encourage you to submit you applications for this excellent learning event. We provide transport from Prague to the conference location, accomodation, meals and refreshments during the entire meeting free of chargé. There is no registration fee for. We do not provide funds or reimbursement for travel to/from Prague.

For further information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/ESID-Spring-School-1380816455559127

If you are interested:

  1. Send us your CV, motivation letter, letter of support and draft of your presentation (a case report of a patient with primary immunodeficiency is expected)
  2. The deadline for application: by the end (29th) of February 2020
  3. All necessary documents are to be sent to the event coordinators: anna.sediva@fnmotol.cz or tomas.milota@fnmotol.cz
  4. As the number of available spaces for this event. is limited, participants will be accepted on first come first serve basis, however we will grant priority to participants who have not yet attended the School in the past years.